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October 24, 2014
Caplen Texas
Caplen Texas is a residential area of Bolivar Peninsula on State Highway 87 near the Rollover Pass in eastern Galveston County and adjoins the west end of Gilchrist.

Caplen has been a resort, primarily for residents of Chambers, Orange, Liberty and Jefferson counties since the late 1800s. Caplen is known as a quiet ranching community and hunting and fishing village.

Caplen Beach

The Gilchrist post office serves the Caplen area. Caplen has been a resort since the late 1800s and was eventually named for John Caplen, a property owner who surveyed the area in 1909. In earlier years the site reportedly was a favorite of Indians, who left a burial ground there. Several important archeological finds have led to detailed excavations at the Caplen Site.

The Caplen area has a lot of room for development and also very spacious and beautiful beach homes. 

Water is provided by Bolivar Peninsula Special Utility District which recently completed a $30 million upgrade to the Lower Neches Valley Authority water supply.

Caplen Beach Fishing
Fishing from the beach is a favorite pastime in Caplen due to the bounty of fish near the shores from the marine migration between Galveston's East Bay and the Gulf of Mexico through nearby Rollover Pass



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